NØÍR - NØrwegian & ÍRish

NØÍR emerged from the vibrant folk scene of Southeastern MA in 2010. Centered around the admiration each musician has for regional European roots music, NØÍR sought to create a unique sound by combining the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle (Hardingfele), Irish fiddle, and Irish uilleann pipes. This new voice, combined with solid rhythmic underpinnings of the bouzouki and guitar, breathes new life into the enduring melodies of their respective traditions.

More CDs are forthcoming. Download the digital album instead! Enjoy!


Digital Download


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  1. Pat Enright’s - Paddy Scanlon’s
  2. Old Woman from Tinn - Paul's Hens
  3. Glåmos Rheinlendar
  4. Kerry Reel - Maids of Mitchelstown - The Twelve Pins
  5. Oskesekken - Jondal Springar - Margit's
  6. Maid in the Meadow - Green Fields of America
  7. Bridal March from Vang - Under Gråfjell
  8. Rakes of Kildare - Strike the Gay Harp
  9. Røros Pols
  10. Cuckoo's Call
  11. Rotnheims Knut
  12. Le Café Noir
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